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LNG Trucks of Risco DPS (Photo source: Risco DPS)

Risco DPS records solid progress in small-scale LNG distribution

( – PT Dharma Pratama Sejati Energi Sukses Pratama (DPS ESP), a Risco Energy Company together with DPS, more commonly known as Risco DPS, has recorded zero lost time injury in its first year of operation in the Sambera facility.

The achievements list no Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) spill incident during operations, 3,000 LNG ISO Tanks transported, and also 1,000,000 MMBTU regasified and delivered to state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).

In Indonesia, Risco DPS operates and controls the transportation and storage of LNG and regasification facility in Sambera, East Kalimantan, for delivery of gas for PLN through trucking mobilization/transportation methods. Risco DPS also provides support for PT Pertagas Niaga (PTGN), a subsidiary of PT Pertamina, through a collaboration with PLN.

As Indonesia’s landscape presents challenges in the development for efficient gas infrastructure value chains, Risco DPS brings a unique selling proposition to PLN’s dynamic demand profile which requires small to medium sized transportation infrastructure solutions to support its smaller power points across the archipelagic islands.

Risco DPS is the first pioneer in its field in the country and aims to be the focus point for the future of LNG business in Indonesia.

Risco DPS Sambera Team (photo source: Risco DPS)

“Small Scale LNG businesses such as Risco DPS’s Sambera facility’s support for PLN power plants is the future of LNG business in Indonesia. As the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia will certainly benefit from such infrastructure models such as provided by Risco DPS,” Risco DPS Business Development Director Z. Rafiq Iskandar said.

Together with PTGN and PLN, the first year of successful operation marks a major shift in the way PLN is transforming its power program for the future.

PLN General Manager of East Kalimantan generator and distributor (KITLUR) Ikram stated that Kalimantan’s main generator and distribution unit (Unit Induk Pembangkit dan Penyaluran/UIKL) has been operating the Sambera Gas Power Plant (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Gas/PLTG) (2×18 MW) since May 2018.

LNG Risco DPS now looks to further develop and support PLN’s rapidly growing needs with a full build out of LNG infrastructure components.

PTGN President Director Linda Sunarti stated, “LNG utilization is growing to meet domestic demand, and this is the first LNG trucking operations to fulfil power plant needs. We expect this to be a role model for similar power plants operations in Indonesia.”

PT Badak NGL President Director & CEO Didik Sasongko added that projects such as this will be
Indonesia’s highlight for future developments to come.

“This was a pilot project for retail LNG sales in Indonesia and plays a strategic role for small-scale LNG distribution in central and eastern Indonesia. This is in alignment with the Ministry of Finance’s mandate to add value to Bontang LNG assets.”

Risco DPS is committed to continue its contribution towards the future of mid-stream LNG infrastructure business to support the Indonesian market for PLN and other industrial users.

Risco DPS Operations Director Aditya Pratama commented, “This operation is a market-leading breakthrough value chain scheme among PLN, PTGN and Risco DPS, through new and effective alternative methods to transport gas and build gas infrastructure for power.”

“The company is continuously committed to support government programs in energy conversion from diesel to gas by driving business innovations and value creation for all stakeholders,” Rafiq concluded. (*)

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