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Indonesia energy ministry unveils 2019 downstream projects valued at $993.51 mln

Photo credit : Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (MEMR) has unveiled downstream oil and gas projects to be developed in 2019 with an estimated investment of US$993.51 million.

Minister for EMR Ignasius Jonan said during a hearing with the House Commission VII early this week said projects in oil processing or refining would reach US$519.25 million, projects in transportation amounted to US$54.97 million, storage facilities valued at US$21.68 million, trading amounted to US$10.11 million and LNG storage for PLN in four cities worth US$387.5 million.

The refining projects consists of the development of a new refinery in Tuban amounted to US$105.5 million; Pertamina Blue Sky Project in Cilacap worth US$49.5 million, RDMP IV Cilacap amounted to US$117.5 million; RDMP V Balikpapan reaching US$233.5 million; and RDMP VI Balongan amounted to US412.25 million.

Investment in oil and gas transportation is estimated to reach US$54.97 million. These projects are as follows:

  • Gresik-Semarang Transmission Pipeline with an estimated investment of US$24.55 million;
  • Tambak Lorok Distribution Pipeline valued at US$2.09 million;
  • Kendal Distribution Pipeline valued at US$0.09 million;
  • Demak Distribution pipeline project valued at 0.22 million;
  • BOB Siak Distribution Pipeline US$ 9.92 million;
  • Kuala Tanjung Distribution Pipeline US$ 7.85 million;
  • Duri-Dumai Distribution Pipeline US$5.37 million;
  • WNTS- Pemping Distribution Pipeline;
  • Purwakarta-Subang Distribution Pipeline US$ 4.88 million.

The investment in storage facilities is estimated to reach US$10.11 million, consisting of projects to be developed by PT Rahardja Wirasakti Jaya Mandiri  (fuel) in Bangka valued at US$ 5.49 million,  PT Pertamina Patra  Niaga, (LPG Depot) in  Lombok valued at US$15.41 million and PT Ghony Persada  (LPG SPBE) in Brebes valued at US$0.78 million.

Investment in the commercial sector is estimated to reach US$10.11 million, as follows:

  1. Fuel Trading in Jakarta by PT Petro Energy, PT Walinusa Energi, PT Masinton Dirgantara Petroindo Raya, PT Masinton Abadi Sentosa and PT Bayu Energi amounting to US$4.33 million.
  2. Fuel Trading in Batam by PT Mitra Andalan Batam amounted to US$ 1.39 million.
  3. Fuel Trading in Palu Donggala, namely Sulawesi Bunker Terminal amounting to US$1.83 million.
  4. Natural Gas Trading in Jakarta by PT Pertagas Niaga, PT Pertamina Gas, PT Rabana Gasindo Makmur amounting to US$0.89 million.
  5. CNG Trading in Jakarta by PT Delta Prima Gas amounting to US$ US$0.02 million.
  6. CNG Trading in Bandung by PT Migas Hilir Jabar amounted to US$1.38 million.
  7. LPG Trading in Bantul by PT Bintang Buana Energi sebesar US$0.27 million.

In addition, there will be an investment in the development of LNG facilities for PLN, the state utility company, in four cities with a combined value of US$ 387.5 million. These projects will be located in Krueng Raya, Nias valued at US$ 37.5 million, MPP NTT valued at US$150 million and Nabire, NTT amounted to US$200 million. “These projects are under tender process,” Minister Ignasius Jonan said.

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