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Electriq~Global to launch water-based fuel

JAKARTA ( – Electriq~Global, an Australian-Israeli company found in 2014 and Dutch company Eleqtec have entered into an agreement to launch Electriq~Global’s water-based fuel technology in the Netherlands.

The two companies also plan to launch Electriq~Fuel’s recycling plants and introduce eMobility applications for trucks, barges and mobile generators.

The progressive Dutch market is moving to adopt zero-emission mobility solutions and is looking for commercial and economical clean energy applications.

The Electriq~Fuel is considered as a game-changer in zero-emissions energy as it comprises of 60% water.

The Electriq~Fuel claims that the innovative fuel is a cost-efficient alternative to batteries and compressed hydrogen.

When compared to green energy storage solutions like lithium-ion batteries or compressed hydrogen, Electriq~Global achieves a greater range at a lower cost. The energy density potential of the technology is up to 15 times that of electric batteries currently in use in electric vehicles, the company said.

The result of extensive groundwork, the Electriq / Eleqtec partnership is already in advanced commercialization negotiations with leading Dutch companies. Several demonstrations and prototyping projects are expected to be launched in 2020.

“Electriq~Global is excited to bring our safe, zero-emission, recyclable fuel to the Dutch market. It is pleasing to see a nation determined to achieve sustainable and zero-emission economy. With Eleqtec’s support, we expect first products based on our technology, made by Dutch partners, delivered in 2020,” Electriq~Global CEO Guy N. Michrowski said.

“Electriq~Global’s technology is the link that the sustainable economy was missing, and joining forces with Electriq in bringing it to fruition is highly motivating,” Eleqtec Chairman Mecx Kooij, said.

“Our solution solves issues with regards to storage and transport of energy, supports current initiatives and introduces a cost-efficient fuel. We’re well progressed in negotiations on the ground, so very soon you will see Electriq in action.”

“Through its partnership with Dutch company Eleqtec, Electriq~Global’s water-based fuel is expanding to the Netherlands to power eMobility solutions in 2020,” Kooij said.

Electriq~Global was founded in 2014 after break-throughs in water-based fuel technology by its founder Dr Alex Silberman. Supported by the Israeli government’s Startup Nation’s incubation program. The startup is funded by investors and is now partnering to roll out its technology globally. (*)

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  1. Lee, Seung Youb

    My name is Lee, Seung Youb who is CEO of the energy company in Korea while I have been developing a project of hydrogen related storage and delivery system with Korean state owned companies.

    I tried to contact to responsible personnel in Eectriq Global but was not able to do it.

    Could you please let me have direct contacts to Electriq Global.? Website does not seem to work nowadays in message delivery system though.

    I would appreciate your help so much.

    Best wishes

    Seun Youb Lee

    P.S. I had developed a coal mine in Kalimantan, years ago and I miss Indonesia.

    Luxon Global Co.

    Seoul, Korea

    Tel 82 01 3736 0790

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