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BPPT says Jakarta’s waste-to-energy power plant could be replicated elsewhere

PLTSa Bantar Gebang (Photo Credit: BPPT)

JAKARTA ( – The waste-to-energy power plant (PLTSa), which is being built in Bantar Gebang, in the outskirt of Jakarta is seen as a perfect solution to address the capital city’s waste problem.

The waste-to-energy power plant, which is expected to be completed in March this year, could be replicated in other major cities as an effort to resolve the waste problem, according to the Head of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Hammam Riza.

Riza said the waste-to-energy facility, the first in the country, has the capacity to process 50-100 tons of waste per day and converting it into 700 Kw of energy.

“We will certainly completed the development of the first waste-to-energy power plant in Indonesia, as a solution to the mountainous waste in major cities, in particular in the capital city (DKI) Jakarta,” he said Tuesday.

“This waste process aims to eliminate waste fast and in a significant way, and even produce electricity,” he said.

He added the pilot project could be replicated elsewhere as it is environmentally friendly. The PLTSa, he added, has a high level of local content, as required by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The Head for the Environment Office of DKI Jakarta provincial government Isnawna Adji said the technology which is applied in the Bantar Gebang PLTSa could be used as a reference in building PLTSa in other cities in the country. He noted BPPT could play its part in development PLTSa in other cities.

Bantar Gebang has a total area of 110 hectares and receives around 7,000 tons of waste every day. (*)

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