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Indonesia govt now expects 35 GW program fully completed in 2024

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian government’s program to develop 35 GW of power capacity is now expected to be fully completed in 2024, delayed from the early plan of end 2019, a government official said.

Director General for Electricity and the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Andy Noorsaman Sommeng said as of end 2018, 8% of the 35 GW program or 2,899 MW has begun commercial operation; 52% or 18,207 MW projects are in construction phase, 11,467 MW projects are yet to begin construction and the remaining 1,683 MW are under the procurement phase and 954 MW projects are under preparation.

He made the statement as the government is preparing the Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) for the period of 2019-2028. The draft RUPTL contains the generating capacity target and the number of power plants to be developed within the 10 years period. RUPTL is revised every year.

In the RUPTL 2018-2027, the electricity growth is projected to increase by 6.86% per year, with total generating capacity development of 56,024 MW. Under the RUPTL, 54.4% electricity will come from coal-fired power plants, renewable energy 23%, natural gas 22.2% and fossil fuel 0.4%.

The state electricity company PT PLN was reportedly planning to reduce the contribution of natural gas in the national energy mixed. However, the government disagreed with PLN’s plan.

In the 2018-2027 RUPTL, the natural gas contribution is cut to 22.2% of the energy mixed, down from 26.6% in the previous year. (*)

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