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CMT to hold Biomass Summit in Bangkok on Jan 23-24

JAKARTA ( – The development of renewables in Asia is on the rise, including biomass energy. In order to explore more the potentials of biomass energy in Asia, the Singapore-based Centre for Management Technology (CMT) will hold the 5th Biomass and Biomass Energy Summit in Bangkok on Jan. 23-24, 2019.

The summit will focus on the analysis of Southeast Asia’s opportunities to meet Japan and South Korea’s biomass feedstock demand and other related issues of the industry.

Japan and South Korea have, in particular, are embarking on a number of biomass power plants. These include the Japanese renewables developer Renova, which is planning to develop a 75-MW biomass power plant.

In addition, a subsidiary of Equis Bioenergy K.K is starting a biomass power plant, scheduled to start-up in 2021.

These are among several biomass power plants coming up in Japan and will require wood pellets, palm kernel shells (PKS).

FutureMetrics projects Japanese wood pellet demand will increase to 9.5 million tonnes in 2025.
In South Korea, new biomass power plants will come up in 2020-2021 period, includeing MG Energy’s S1 100MW biomass plant that will use about 400 KTA of wood pellets, CGN’s 109MW plant which will use up to 400 KTA of pellets and GS EPS’ 105MW biomass plant that will use a combination of 200 KTA of woodchips and 300 KTA of pellets.

Following some topics to be discussed at the Summit:

– Japan’s Biomass Demand Development & Opportunities for South East Asian Supplies

Speaker: Yoshinobu Kusano, General Manager, Fuel Procurement Biomass Energy at Renova

Ryosuke Kanemitsu, Fuel & Strategy Manager (Technical Services)
Equis Bioenergy KK

– Biomass Demand in South Korea & Import Requirement
Speakers: Marco Kim, Global Cooperation Advisor, Korea Forest Biomass Energy Association

Sign-up here as a delegate or Contact Hafizah at +65 6346 9218 for assistance with registrations.


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