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Indonesia’s Geology Agency recommends 5 basins for further exploration

An offshore platform operated by PHE ONWJ (Image credit : PHE ONWJ)

JAKARTA ( – The Geology Agency at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has recommended five basins that required further exploration to discover oil and gas reserves. The recommendation was made based the agency’s survey during 2010-2018 period on a total of 30 basins.

The survey was carried out in 43 locations, consisting of shale gas (6 locations), Seismic 2D (8 locations), Micro (6 locations), as well as passive seismic tomography (4 locations).

Based on the survey, five basins located in East Indonesia has the potentiality to discover giant oil and gas field, namely Selaru Block (Aru-Tanimbar Basin), South Arafura Block (Arafura Basin), Boka Block (Akimeugah Basin), Atsy Block (Sahul Basin) and West Agats Block (Sahul Basin).

The geology agency identified Mesozoic deltaic play in Selaru Block with potential resources P50 for gas at amount of 4.8 trillion cubic feet (TCF) and oil scenario of 4,060 million barrels of oil (MMBO).

Based on 2D seismic survey along 1,600 km in South Arafura Block, the Geology agency identified two leads on Aptian Prograding shoreface play proven in Papua New Guinea) and Permian fluvio-deltaic lacustrine pinchout (proven in oil and gas block in northern Australia). The total potential resources P50 for gas scenario at 7.36 TCF and oilplay of 6,144.54 MMBO.
The Geology Agency also conducted Passive Seismic Tomography survey in Boka and Atsy blocks. It then identified 4 leads in Jurassic sand play in Boka Block with potential resources P50 of gas amounting to 1.1 TCF and oil play of 930 MMBO.

In Atsy Block, it identified 11 leads with Paleozoic Rift Graben play. The total potential resources P50 for gas amounting to 0.9 TCF and oil scenario of 750 MMBO.

A number of blocks also has oil and gas potentials (lead with P50 sceneario), including Working Area Wamena (263.75 MMBO for oil and 395.625 BSCF for gas); North Bone Bay (239.79 MMBO for oil) and 1,157.27 BSCF for gas), Sahul (150.75 MMBO for oil and 180.59 BSCF for gas), Buru (118.54 MMBO for oil and 118.13 BSCF for gas) and Misool (69.94 MMBO for oil and 258.79 BSCF for gas).

The energy ministry said further detail explorations are needed to increase proven oil and gas reserves of the country. (*)

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