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It’s official, Prabowo picks Sandiaga Uno as VP candidate

JAKARTA (RambuPolitic) – Prabowo Subianto, president candidate, has picked Sandiaga Uno, the current vice governor of Jakarta city province as Vice President candidate for the 2019 Presidential Election.

“I hereby announced that the leaders of political parties of Justice Party (PKS), National Mandate Party (PAN) and Gerindra Party, has decided to declare and give the trust to myself, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno to come forward as president and vice president candidates for the period of 2019-2024,” Prabowo said, when announcing the candidates.

Democratic Party appears to be left out from the coalition after the party disagreed with Prabowo after picked Sandiaga Uno as vice presidential candidate.

Prabowo said Sandiaga Uno has decided to resign as vice governor of Jakarta city (DKI Jakarta).

Prabowo also said the coalition party members – PKS and PAN – have welcome Sandiaga Uno as VP candidate. Earlier, PKS and PAN have proposed their own cadres as VP candidate. (*)




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