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Pelindo II kicks offs construction of Kijing Terminal in West Kalimantan

Groundbreaking ceremony of Kijing Terminal port in West Kalimantan (Photo credit: IPC)

JAKARTA ( – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II, also known as Indonesian Port Corporation (IPC) has officially launched the development of Kijing Terminal port at Pontianak Port, Sungai Kunyit sub-district, Mempawah Regency in West Kalimantan. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the port location on Wednesday (11/4).

The Kijing Terminal is an expansion of the existing port.

“As a national strategic port, Kijing Terminal Port Pontianak will become the largest international port in Kalimantan. The port will strengthen connectivity between islands as well as support the government’s drive to develop maritime axis,” President Director of IPC Elvyn G. Masassya at the port launching ceremony on Wednesday.

He said the port will support the outflow of mining and plantation commodity products from Kalimantan island.

Under the proposed plan, Pelindo will develop four terminals in the port, namely a multipurpose terminal, bulk terminal, container terminal and dry-bulk terminal. The container port is designed to have 1 million TEUS capacity, bulk terminal (wet and dry-bulk terminal) 8.3 million and 15 million TEUS and multi-purpose terminal 50,000 tons per annum.

In the first phase, IPC will develop container open area, warehouse, tank firm, road, parking area, port office, and other supporting facilities.

Pelindo II will develop 15-hectares of the dry-bulk terminal, 7-hectares of a multi-purpose terminal, 9.4 hectares of container port and 16.5-hectares of a wet-bulk terminal.

The port, said Elvyn, will be integrated with the Special economic Zone to be developed in the area. The project is expected to create thousands of job opportunities. (*)

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