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Chevron seeks to extend Rokan block contract

JAKARTA ( – Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) has submitted a proposal to extend the production sharing contract (PSC) to operate and develop the Rokan Block in onshore Riau province, said Deputy Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Archandra Tahar.

He said the proposal indicates that the so-called ‘seven majors’ are still interested in the country’s upstream oil and gas sector.

Rokan block is one of the key oil fields developed by Chevron in Riau. So far, most of the oil and gas produced by CPI is derived from block Rokan, in addition to Duri and Minas fields.

The block has also played an important role in achieving the production targets set by the government.

In the past, Chevron has implemented the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology to maintain its production and increase oil recovery from the old oil fields.

A senior government official has indicated earlier that the government may extend Chevron’s contract to operate the block beyond 2021 (*)

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