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Siswanto named as Indonesia’s new director general for oil and gas

Djoko Siswanto (Image credit : Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry)

JAKARTA ( – Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan has installed several top officials at the energy ministry, including Djoko Siswanto, who now holds the new post as director general for oil and gas.

Siswanto, previously held the post as deputy head for procurement control at the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business (SKK Migas), replaces Ego Syahrial.

Siswanto, born on May 23, 1965, was just appointed as Secretary General of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry on Dec. 8, 2017. He was installed in the new post after going through an open tender process since December last year.

The energy minister appointed him for his wealth of experience in the oil and gas sector as well as his achievement in implementing cost efficiency measures at the SKK Migas.

Previously, he also held a post as director for technique and environment and director for supervision of the upstream oil and gas at the Directorate General for Oil and Gas at the energy ministry.

Minister Jonan has a high hope on Siswanto. He expects under his leadership, the directorate general for oil and gas office can move forward fast and efficiently. He also called on Siswanto to implement a simple procedure as long as it is not against the Constitution, governance, and security.

On a private jet (image source: special)

The news about Djoko Siswanto, however, has not always been positive. In 2016, Siswanto, who was then director for upstream oil and gas at the energy ministry, drew the attention of public after a twitter account (@energibebas) published a photo of him sitting down in a private jet, suspected to be owned by a foreign oil and gas company.

In addition to Djoko Siswanto, Minister Jonan also appointed five other senior officials at the ministry. They are:

(1) Akhmad Syakhroza as inspector general at the energy ministry, replacing Mochtar Husein;

(2) Ediar Usman as director for Business Supervision of Upstream Oil and Gas, replacing Tunggal;

(3) Muhammad Wafid as director for Program Supervision for Mineral and Coal, replacing Ediar Usman;

(4) Tunggal as Deputy Head of SKK Migas for Controlling and Procurement; and

(5) Special Staff of the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister for Politics, Law and Security at the Secretariat General of the energy ministry E. Widyo Sunaryo. (*)


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