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PLN pequalifies companies for equipment vendor

JAKARTA ( – State electricity company PLN is inviting major equipment vendor (MEV) from Indonesia and abroad to participate in a pre-qualification process of MEV for 70 kv, 150 kv, 275 kv AND 500 kv, air insulated switchgear and gas insulated switchgear.

The purpose of the pre-qualificaiton is to establish a pre-approved list of major equipment vendor (daftar penyedia terseleksi). The DPT list shall be used to conduct limited bidding/tender of PLN’s funded projects.

The package details, including description of capacity and technology are to be provided in the letter of invitation, PLN said.

Any interested parties shall send email to . The shall contain applicant company name, representative person, email address and phone number of the representative person.

The PQ process is held by PLN’s EPP Division. The registration process will end on Sep 8, 2017, followed by PQ meeting on Sep 11, 2017 at PLN head office in Jakarta. (*)

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