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Indonesian energy ministry drafting Marine Energy roadmap

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JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is currently drafting a roadmap on Marine Energy Development in Indonesia for period of 2018-2025, aiming at boosting the development of this renewable energy.

“The roadmap is to be finalized by the end of 2017,” Maritje Hutapea, Director of Various New and Renewable Energy, at the energy ministry said at a seminar at  BritCham Workshop on Tidal Current Power Plant Projects last Friday (Sept. 15).

The roadmap will contain some concepts, as follows:

  • Site Preparation
  • Regulation
  • Marine Energy Industry Development
  • Capacity building
  • Target of ocean energy development, and
  • Financing scheme.

The ministry of energy (MEMR) is targeting the development of 1 GW of Ocean Current Power Plant by 2019, as part of the Ministry of EMR 2015-2019 strategic plan.

Indonesia has enormous marine renewable energy potentials which consists of wave or tidal energy, sea current and OTEC. The MEMR data shows that  total technical capacity of marine energy is estimated to reach 216.61 GW and practical capacity of 60.985 GW practical capacity, which is more than double the estimated potential capacity of geothermal energy.

However, the tidal and sea current potentiality is yet to be commercially developed in Indonesia, although some preliminary study has been done in some areas.

One concrete tidal wave project will be developed in Larantuka strait in eastern of Flores, taking advantage of the strong current of strait that separates Flores and lesser island Adonara. In this project, a Dutch company will develop the tidal wave power plant through so-called tidal bridge, in which the turbines will attached below the bridge.

The project is expected to kick of its construction by the end of this year, pending on government approval.(*)

Written by Roffie Kurniawan (email

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