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Indonesia seeking to tap ocean thermal energy conversion

Labuan Bajo town, in the western tip of Flores Island (Photo: Roffie Kurniawan)

JAKARTA ( – In addition geothermal energy, Indonesia has another abundant renewable energy resources that are yet to be developed, called Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion or OTEC, which is believed to be the largest in the world.

The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources is now exploring the possibility to tap this renewable energy resources, said Ediar Usman, the head of center for research and development of Marine Geology (PPPGL) at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) said.

“The potentials of OTEC in Indonesia is the largest in the world, spreading in 17 locations, from western coast in Sumatera, southern Java, Sulawesi, North Maluku, Bali and NTT, which is predicted to reacvh 41 GW,” said Ediar Usman.

Indonesia has the largest geothermal energy resources, estimated to reach 27 GW.

OTEC generates its energy from the changing of sea temperature that can found in tropical seas. “We will develop OTEC as part of the renewable energy development to support Indonesia’s energy security,” he said.

In total, Indonesia could produce 240 GW of OTEC, he made the statement on the boardof Geomarin III research vessel in Kupang on Sunday. The vessel will explore oil and gas potentials in Arafuru, Papua, Flores Sea and other areas in eastern Indonesia.

On Sept 24-Oct 7, 2017, Geomarin III will conduct survey to pick up temperature sample in Flores Sea and north of Lembata Island in the eastern part of Flores Island, which is believed to have huge OTEC potentiality. (RK)


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