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Pertamina Hulu Energy WMO uses Ensco-67 jack up rig to drill new well

ENSCO-53 rig (Image credit : ENSCO PLC)

JAKARTA ( – PT Pertamina Hulu Energy West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO) said it has begun drilling the first well from its oil and gas platform PHE 12, called PHE 12-A1 well (spud in). The spud of the well was done on Dec. 23, 2016, utilizing Ensco 67 Jack Up Rig.

The drilling of PHE 12-A1 well is projected to add oil production of 1,500 barrels of oil per day (bopd). Meanwhile, the drilling of PHE 12-A3 is expected to add 1,000 bopd and PHE 12-A2 drilling is targeted to produce 1000 bopd initially.

The drilling of PHE 12-A1 well marked the resumption of well drilling in the block after a halt for two years following the plung of oil price to below US$40 per barrel.

“Although the weather was not conducive, the spud-in of the well went ahead smoothly,” said president director of PHE R. Gunung Sardjono Hadi told reporters at the weekend.

The company also drills two other wells to boost oil and gas production.

Workers at ENSCO platform (Image credit : Pertamina)

He said PHE also hopes to boost gas production from the three wells by 650 MSCFD, 655 MSCFD and 412 MSCFD respectively.

The installation of PHE-12 offshore oil platform was the first phase of the integrated development of the field (EPCI-1). The installation of PHE-12 was also complemented with the installation of offshore platform PHE-24, which was already installed around 60 miles from Madura coastline.

The two platforms were about 55-70 meters above seabed.

GM PHE WMO Sri Budiyani said in the past two years, PHE WMO stepped its efforts to address acceleration of oil decline production by way of optimizing the existing wells.

Last year, PHE WMO’s well drilling was 0.03% above target. This year, the company begins driling new wells.

Following is the details of Ensco Jack Up Rig:
Rig Name: ENSCO 67
Name : ENSCO 67
Owner : Ensco Plc
Manager : Ensco Plc
Rig Type: Jackup
Jackup Type: Standard
Max Water Depth (ft) 350
Max Drill Depth (ft) 30,000
Dimensions (ft) 237.8 x 227.5 x 26
Leg Length (ft) 511

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