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Ophir Energy Indonesia to start deepwater exploration drill this year

Image credit : Ophir Energy

JAKARTA ( – Ophir Energy Indonesia (West Papua IV) i Ltd and Ophir Energy Indonesia (Aru) Ltd, has revealed their plan to carry out drilling of three exploration and appraisal wells this year in its deep-water working area in eastern Indonesia.

“The company aims to start deepwater drilling in Indonesia in 2017. The drilling activities are planned to be carried out until 2019 with maximum target of three exploration and appraisal wells,” the company said.

On Monday the companies, the Indonesian unit of Ophir Energy, announced a tender for provision of tubular running equpment and associated servies.

The registration date is set on Jan 30- Feb 10, 2017 at the company’s office at Indonesian Stock Exchange Building, Tower 2, 15th Floor, Suite 1502, Jakarta.

Ophir Energy Plc completed the acquisition of four deepwater Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) in Indonesia from Niko Resources (Niko) in 2015. This follows the announcement of the agreement to acquire interests in a series of Niko’s deepwater PSCs on 27 October 2014.

The PSCs that have been acquired are West Papua IV, Aru, Kofiau and Halmahera-Kofiau, all of which will be operated by Ophir. The PSCs are located in two core areas in Eastern Indonesia – West Papua and the Western Birds Head, both of which are highly prospective basins with exposure to a mix of proven and frontier oil and gas plays. (*)

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