Indonesia to auction 5 geothermal working areas this week

JAKARTA ( – Director for Geothermal at the Directorate for New, Renewable and Energy Conservation Yunus Saifulhak said his office will auction five geothermal working areas (WKP) this week.

He said the acting Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Luhut B. Panjaitan has signed a ministerial decree on the planned auction.

The five WKPs are, WKP Simbolon Samosir with capacity of 110 MW in North Sumatera, Graho Nyabu WK with capacity of 110 MW in Jambi, Gunung Galunggung and Gunung Ciremai WKPs with capacity of 100 MW each as well as Gunung Pandan WKP with capacity of 40 MW located in East Java.

He said his official has set aside 8 blocks to be auctioned. Three blocks are placed in reserved in the event that certain local communities objected to the geothermal WKP auction.

The three other geothermal WKs are Gunung Hamiding with potential capacity of 20 MW located in North Maluku, Gunung Wilis with potential capacity of 20 MW in East Java and Gunung Geureudong with capacity of 55 MW located in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

Indonesia is the home of largest geothermal potentil reserves in the world at around 27 GW, however, only less than 5 percent of it has been utilized. (*)

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