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INTERVIEW – Siner Group CEO Riza Suarga: Indonesia can become renewable energy champion

JAKARTA ( – The Indonesian government has set a target to increase the share of renewable energy’s contribution to total energy mix to 23 percent by 2025 from around 5 percent at present. One of the renewable energy sources that contributes to this increase is biomass. In order to find out how big is the potential of biomass in Indonesia and what the government and stakeholders would and should do, interviewed Dr. Riza Suarga, chairman of National Central Board of the Indonesian Association for Mineral and Energy Reclamation (ARMI), who is also president director of Siner Group.

Rizal Suarga highlighted that biomass is one of the most sustainable renewable energy resources Indonesia has. Given the potential of biomass energy, along with other renewable energy resources, Indonesia can become champion of renewable energy in the world. To achieve the target, all stakeholders, the government, industry players and banking industry need to work hand in hand to set a clear roadmap to make Indonesia as renewable energy champion.

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