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Bimasena Power to build jetty for coal loading activities at PLTU Batang

JAKARTA ( – PT Bimasena Power Indonesia (BPI) said it will build jetty near Batang coal fired power plant (PLTU Batang) in Central Java province, that will be used to offload coal for the power plant, the company said.

“In line with the master plant that has been prepared, BPI will build jetty as temporary port to offload construction equipment as well as coal near the power plant. We, since earlier, have no plan to use the existing Batang port for coal loading activities,” said Mohammad Effendi, president director of BPI.

Effendi said the plan to build the jetty has been approved by PLN and has been stated in the power purchased agreement (PPA) with the state electricity company PLN and already approved by the Central Java provincial government. The plan has also included in the environmental permit that has been issued.

BPI assures that the jetty will consider the environment condition and assures that the loading activities would not harm the environment and disturb local community activities, who are mostly fishermen.

“As a form of the responsibility of PLTU Batang with the capacity of 2×1000 MW, BPI will always be consistent in guarding the eco-system and environment in around the project,” he said.

BPI said it has secured Environmental Permit on August 21, 2013 based on the Stipulation of the Central Java Governor No. 660.1/37 Year 2013. In the Environment Impact Assessment (AMDAL) document and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, BPI has submitted programs to minimize the impact of the development of the power plant, related to economy, social and environmental impact.

As an example, BPI has prepared replacement land for farmers whose land are affected by the project. Fishermen has also been offered with assistances including installation of navigation tools in their boot.

“BPI together with local community and the government of Batang will continue to disseminate information to the public about the presence of the power plant project which is expected to provide larger benefits. BPI will help local community around PLTU in order to optimize economic opportunities that will help improve their welfare,” said Effendi.

Since BPI initiated the Batang PLTU project in 2011, BPI has actively develop and stimulate local community’s economic activities through community development programs such as forming the so-called Joint Business Group (Kelompok Usaha Bersama/KUB),, providing micro finance through Micro Financial Agencies (LKM) and creating jobs. To improve human resources quality, BPI has consistently provide trainings to improve entrepreneurship skills of the local people.  (*)

On April 6, 2016, BPI has signed the Amended PPA with PLN as a pre-requisite for the extension of financing facilities, which is expected to be signed on June 6, 2016.

BPI is a joint venture of three consortia, comprising of Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (“J-Power”), Itochu Corporation (“Itochu”) and PT Adaro Power, which is wholly owned by PT Adaro Energy. (*)

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