Tanjung Api-Api in Sumatera, a potential place to build new refineries

JAKARTA (rambuenergy.com) – The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said Tanjung Api-APi Special Economic Zone in Banyuasin Regency, Sumatera could be a potential place to build new oil refineries.

The energy minister Sudirman Said stated large-size refineries could be developed in the Special Economic Zone. He made the statement after visiting the area at the weekend.

He said in the next ten years Indonesia will need to develop four large size refineries in order to ensure energy security in the country. Two of the four refineries will be built in Bontang in East Kalimantan and Tuban in East Java. The locations of the two other refineries is yet to be determined.

He said feasibility study needs to be undertaken before realizing the plan. “If everything is ready, an oil refinery could be built here,” he said.

Other places that are being assessed as potential areas for building refineries are Lombok.

Dubai Port World, he said, has expressed its interest to invest in South Sumatera.

South Sumatera Governor Alex Noerdin said the Tanjung Api Api SEZ has made good progress and should attract investors to invest in the area, including those investors planning to develop refineries. (*)

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