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Daya Radar Utama builds 10 various types of vessels this year

JAKARTA ( – Local shipbuilder PT Daya Radar Utama expects to complete the development of 10 various types of vessels this year, including one vessel ordered by the Ministry of Defense.

The other nine vessels were ordered by Directorate General for Customs Office at the Finance Ministry. Manager Public Relation of PT DRU Tularji Adji said the company has completed the fabrication of landing ship tank (LST) AT-3 and has been handed over the Defense Ministry. The LST AT-3 was renamed KRI Teluk Bintuni 520.

The vessel has the capability to transport 10 units of MBT Leopard tanks owned by the Army and Tank BMP-3F owned by Navy as well as 476 crews and one helicopter.

With length of 120 meters, the vessel can sail along 7,200 miles with 16 knots, supported by two machines with capacity of 3,285 KW.

DRU was established in 1972 and has built 300 vessels in total since its establishment. Headquartered in Jakarta, the company owns three shipyard, one of which is located in Lampung.

In 2009, the company took over PT Noahtu in Lampung, which was transformed into the third shipyard of DRU. The company claimed as the first privately-owned shipbuilder that has been trusted by the military to build navy vessels.

Apart from building vessels, its Repair Division has the capability to maintain and repair tanker vessels, ferry, dredgers, tug boat, bulk carriers, speed ferry and vessel conversion into accommodation offshore support vessel with 200 crews and heli-deck. (*)

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