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The President’s Diary — “We can go through this economic upheaval…”

JAKARTA ( – President Joko Widodo has written daily notes on his official Facebook account since the account was relaunched a few months ago. Since then, the President write daily notes, often light, but sometimes serious issues. On August 1, the President met and discussed with a number of economists about current economic condition and as certain labor unions planned for demonstration on September 1.

Here’s the President’s note for today September 1:

“It is always pleasing to discuss with economists. (We) can share information about the government’s performance in addressing the economic problems in the short, medium and long-term. There is a common perception for a need for stabilization of food and fuel, attracting investment into the country, speeding up the development of infrastructure and moving forward for re-industrialization.

I am confident that (we) can go through this economic condition which is also happening in the global economy. I am also getting optimistic that the economic packages being prepared by the government is the right move.”


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