Newmont appoints Rachmat Makkasau as new president, export permit may not be extended

NNT mining site

JAKARTA ( – PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara has appointed Rachmat Makkasau as new company president director, replacing Martiono Hadianto who will end his term on September 20, 2015.

Rachmat is currently General Manager for Social Responsibilities & Government Relation of NNT. Born in Makassar, Rachmat has been working in Newmont for quite lengthy period.

He was also General Manager for Mining of Newmont Nusa Tenggara. Prior to joining Newmont, he was a process operator, trainer, operation Supervisor, Commissioning Coordinator of PT Freeport Indonesia for five years (Jan. 1994-April 1999).

The replacement came as the government threatened not to extend the company’s exports permit as the company, which operates gold mining site on Sumbawa Island, is yet to fulfill a number of required documents.

Spokesperson of Newmont Rubi Purnomo, however, said Friday (Sept. 18) the replacement of Martiono Hadianto has been prepared since he has indicated earlier that he will retire.

Rachmat Makkasau and Industry Minister Saleh Husin (Image : Industry Ministry)
Rachmat Makkasau gives token of appreciation to Industry Minister Saleh Husin during the minister’s visit to the NNT mining site recently (Image : Industry Ministry)

NNT’s export permit with quota exports of 447,000 tons of minerals expires on September 18.

Director for Minerals at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Mohammad Hidayat said Newmont has submitted request to extend its export permit on Aug. 31, 2015. However, the government could not extend yet because there are several documents that have not been fulfilled by NNT.

The required documents are including the realization of copper smelter plant. The company is yet to start the development of its smelter as mandated by the government regulation.

Earlier, NNT has signed MoU with Freeport to cooperate in smelter project. (*)

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