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President Joko Widodo inaugurates 4 major oil-gas projects worth US$5.8 billion

Inauguration of DSLNG project and three other oil and gas projects. (Image : ESDM)
Inauguration of DSLNG project and three other oil and gas projects. (Image : ESDM)

JAKARTA ( – President Joko Widodo officiated four oil and gas projects on Sunday with total investment of US$5.8 billion, which are expected to boost the government revenues and stimulating national and local economies.

The four projects that were inaugurated were as follows: First, Join Operating Body (JOB)‎ Pertamina Medco Tomori Sulawesi Tengah (PTMS) which manages a Central Processing Plant (CPP) with production capacity of 310 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD).

The second project is the Donggi Senoro LNG project with the capacity of 2.1 metric tons per annum (MTPA).

The third project is ammonia plant developed b PT Panca Amara Utama (PAU) with capacity to produce 0.7 MTPA. PAU is a subsidiary of PT Surya Eka Perkasa Tbk.

Surya Esa Perkasa is 30 percent owned by PT Trinugraha Akraya Sejahtara, 20 percent owned by PT Ramaduta Teltaka, 9.09 percent by CLSA, Ltd and public 40.91 percent. Trinugraha is a company owned by former Astra International CEO T.P. Rachmat, Garibaldi Thohir, who is also a key shareholder of Adaro Energy and Chander Vinod Laroya, former president director of PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk. Trinugraha currently owns 41.25 percent of Panca Amara Utama shares.

The fourth project was the GG field production facility which has the capacity to produce 31 MMSCFD and 150 barrels condensate per day, managed by Pertamina Hulu Enegy Offshore North West Java (PHE-ONWJ).

The GG field currently has one unmanned offshore platform. Three wells have been drilled in the field as well as underwater pipeline along 35 km as well as onshore processing facility in Balongan with total investment of US$150 million.

The inauguration of the projects was held in DSLNG project located in Uso village, Batui subdistrict, Banggai Regency in Central Sulawesi. The inauguration was also attended by PT Pertamina President Director and Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said.

The CPP plant which is developed by JOB Pertamina Medco Tomori South Sulawesi with total investment of US$1.2 billion. The CPP has the capacity to produce 315 million MMSCFD of gas taken from Senoro-Toili Block.

As agreed earlier, 250 MMSCFD of gas from the Senoro-Toili block will be supplied to the DS LNG plant, while 55 MMSCFD is supplied to ammonia plant developed by PT Panca Amara Utama.

The DSLNG plant also receives 85 MMSCFD from Matindok oil and gas field.

The Donggi Senoro LNG has the capacity to produce 2.1 MTPA with total investment of US$2.8 billion. DS LNG has started producing first LNG output on June 24, 2015  at 19.12 central Indonesian time. The project operator targets to ship its first LNG to buyers in the next 30-40 days.

DSLNG is operated by PT Donggi Senoro LNG which is a joint venture between PT Medco LNG Indonesia (11.1 percent), PT Pertamina Hulu Energy (29 percent) and Sulawesi LNG Development Ltd (59.9 percent), owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and Korea Gas (Kogas).

These projects are expected to contribute US$7.02 billion to the State revenues over the course of 13 years. (*)

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