Total E&P Indonesie announces successful startup production of JM1 platform

JAKARTA ( – Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) has announced the successful startup of Jempang Metulang (JM1) offshore platform in South Mahakam Field, located in gas rich Mahakam Block on July 10, 2015, by successfully producing gas and condensate.

The company said the first production from this platform is 80 days ahead of schedule that has been approved by the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas).

Hardy Pramono, president and general manager of Total E&P Indonesie, said the first well that has been drilled, JM-101, has produced gas in the amount of 32 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of gas and condensate in the amount of 450 barrels per day (BOEPD).

The next well, JM-104, is being drilled, by using the Hakuryu-10 Rig.

JM1 Platform is part of the third phase development (SMK3) of South Mahakam Field. The new offshore platform has added to the three existing platforms, namely Main Stupa (SP1), West Stupa (SP2) and East Mandu (MD1). All of the platforms were built in the development project of South Mahakam during the first and second stages.

JM1 platform is a tripod platform which is designed by TEPI and its fabrication was carried out by a local contractor in Handil Yard in Muara Jawa subdistrict. The platform has 6 slots (3 splitter slots and 3 single slots) that can accommodate 9 wells with 7 of them being part of SMK3 and another to be accommodated in the future.

These 9 wells have gas production capacity up to 120 MMSCFD. The platforms are also connected with the main export pipe that has a 64 km length. The topside has total weight of 950 tons, while its jacket has weight of 720 tons. The whole process, from the engineering design, fabrication, load-out and installation of the platform, was under the full supervision of Total E&P Indonesie.

The drilling operation has so far gone well and recorded no lost time of injuries (LTI) with 2.9 million working hours.

The SMK3 project kicked off on April 26,l 2013. The platforms and the pipes were installed in 6 weeks, which was ahead of the schedule, and were being handed over to the operational team on April 21, 2015. The drilling activity started in the first well, JM-101, on May 8, 2015 with 4,200 meter depth for 55 days.

The South Mahakam Field is located 70 km offshore from the SPS production facility, which has already produced gas since 2012. The gas produced from the South Mahakam Field would then be processed in Peciko Processing Area (PPA) in Senipah. From Senipah, the gas then would be delivered to Bontang refinery through a 42-inches gas pipeline for further processing.

The peak of production for the South Mahakam is predicted to reach 330 MMSCFD for gas, while for condensate it would reach 14,000 BOEPD. With additional production from JM-101 well, the total production of South Mahakam has reached 315 MMSCFD (gas) and 13,600 BOEPD (condensate). (*)

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