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Indonesia’s Anoa Power signs technology cooperation deal with Australia’s Bombora Wave Power

(Video source: Bombora Wave Power)

JAKARTA ( – Australian-based Bombora Wave Power said it has signed a Technology Evaluation Agreement with Anoa Power of Indonesia. Under the agreement, Anoa would assess suitable deployment sites for Bombora marine hydrokinetic devices (MHK) while, Bombora will confirm electricity generation capability in these locations.

The wave energy is in line with the government’s drive to increase the use of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix to offset a decline use of fossil fuel energy.

“This agreement is a precursor to formulation of a manufacturing and distribution arrangement for Bombora Wave Energy Collectors (WEC) into Indonesia,” Bombora said in a statement.

Indonesia’s extensive archipelago faces significant challenges with its complex power network.  The deployment of Bombora WEC in the remote coastal regions would vastly improve access to electrical power, the company said.

Indonesia’s average wave energy resource level (kW/m) is somewhat less than that available in regions such as southern Australia.  The Bombora WEC collects wave energy from a wide wave front making it very attractive for the Indonesian requirements.

The Bombora WEC claimed to have the capacity to offer low cost of energy, good storm resistance and low environmental impact.

It said Bombora’s low cost of energy arises from its simplified construction – concrete base with a sloping membrane wall.  This feature allows the WEC to be lengthened in low wave energy resource regions at low incremental cost.

The Bombora WEC rests on the sea floor allowing large waves to pass over the top of the device with minimal interruption.  In stormy conditions the membrane can also be deflated.  These features protect the Bombora WEC from damage in large or rogue waves.  Storm resistance has proved to be a significant challenge for the wave energy industry up to now.

The Bombora WEC is well below the sea surface and has minimal impact on coastal utilisation while delivering clean energy, it said. (*)

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