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ExxonMobil Cepu provides Rp23 bln for community development programs

JAKARTA ( – ExxonMobile Cepu Ltd (EMCL), a subsidiary of US giant oil and gas company ExxonMobil, has provided grants worth Rp23 billion to support community programs to communities surrounding its operation in Banyu Urip field, Cepu Block in East Java.

President ExxonMobil Cepu Limited Jon Gibbs said EMCL is working with Bina Swadaya Foundation in establishing and developing learning center for communities in Banyu Urip.

The funds, managed by Bina Swadaya Foundation, will be used to fund learning center activities for local communities in areas of financial management, marketing, supply chain, product development and business mentoring.

The beneficiaries of the funds will reach 550 households in 22 villages in around Banyu Urip field. “We believe this kind of activities will help improve the quality of life of the local communities through supporting and mentoring small businesses,” said Ayu Bulan, program supervisor of Bina Swadaya Foundation, said.

The Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said has repeatedly said the CSR programs should be directed to help local communities welfare and empower their economic activities.

MCL is the operator of Cepu Block, with 45 percent working interest. The other 45 percent is held by Pertamina and 10 percent by local governments. The Banyu Urip field project oil production has now reached around 80,000 barrels per day and expected to increase in stages and reach its peak production of 205,000 bpd later this year or early next year.

The Indonesian government is now pinning its hope of Cepu Block oil production to push up the country’s national oil production, which has now fallen to below 800,000 bpd. (*)

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