Pertamina Geothermal Energy to start operating PLTP Kamojang Unit 5 in July


A geothermal well at PLTP Kamojang (photo: OS/

JAKARTA ( – PT Pertamina Geothermal Energi (PGE) said the construction of geothermal power plant PLTP Kamojang Unit 5 in Garut, West Java will be completed by middle of this year and hope to begin operating the plant in July. The company  spent US$ 175 million to develop the geothermal power plant which has a capacity of 1×35 MW.

“Although the oil price declines and many oil and gas projects are being halted, PGE carries on its geothermal power plant project,” President Director of PGE Rony Gunawan told reporters at Pertamina head office, as reported by

He said the company has drilled 5 wells which could generate power plant with capacity of up to 39 MW. Currently, the company operates four units of geothermal power plant in the hilly side of Garut Regency.

He added the other geothermal power plants that are being developed by PGE are including:

  1. PLTP Ulubelu Unit 1 with capacity of 1 x 55 MW is expected to begin operating in July 2016 and unit 2 with capacity of 1×55 MW in May 2017.
  2. PLTP Lumut Balai Unit 1 with capacity of 1 x 55 MW is expected to start operating  in December 2016, and unit 2 with capacity of 1 x55 MW will start operating in June 2018
  3. PLTP Lahendong/Tompasso Unit 5 with capacity of 1 x 20 MW is targeted to begin operating in December 2016
  4. PLTP Karaha with capacity of 1 x 30 MW will begin operating in January 2017.

PGE targets the capacity of its geothermal power plants to increase to 1,057 MW by 2022.

Gunawan also said that he hopes the government will set a fixed feed in tariff for geothermal energy to ensure legal and business certainty. So far, geothermal power plant operators have to still negotiate with PLN to determine feed-in-tariff. (*)



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