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Cooper Energy expects Bunian-3 well drilling reaching target depth at end February

KSO Sukananti, South Sumatra
KSO Sukananti, South Sumatra

JAKARTA ( – Cooper Energy Limited, an Australian oil and gas company, said that it expects the drilling of Bunian-3 well within Sukananti KSO, South Sumatra, will reach target depth of 1,682 meters at the end of this month.

As of today, the Bunian-3 oil development well was drilling ahead at 1,015 meters in 12 ¼” hole at 06:00 local time today (Feb 12).

The 17 ½” hole section was successfully drilled to 408 meters as planned, however once the 13 3/8” casing had been cemented in place, additional time was required to deal with shallow gas and address related operational issues. These matters have been addressed and normal operations are now continuing.

“The latest estimate is that the well will reach its target depth of 1,682 meters during the final week of February,” Cooper said.

Despite the increased operational time, the overall well cost is not expected to be materially different to the pre-drill approved budget figure.

Bunian-3 is an onshore vertical well in the Sukananti KSO, South Sumatra, Indonesia. The Bunian structure is a four-way, fault bounded anticline defined by the 2011 Sukananti 3D seismic survey. Bunian- 3 is located 730 meters southwest of Bunian-1 and the primary target is the Talang Akar Formation TRM- 3 Sand.

The TRM-3 sand at Bunian-1 is currently producing approximately 200 barrels of oil per day and has cumulatively produced 960,000 barrels of oil. Secondary targets in deeper K and M sands will also be evaluated at Bunian-3.

Cooper Energy Ltd (operator) holds 55 percent working interest in the Tangai-Sukananti Block KSO (joint operation), while Mega Adhyaksa Pratama Sukananti Ltd holds the remaining 45 percent. (*)

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