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Indonesia’s cocoa industry predicted to become largest in the world

JAKARTA ( – Indonesia’s cocoa industry has been producing cocoa below its optimum level. A government official said that Indonesia could become the largest cocoa producer in the world from 3rd largest at present.

Director General for Agro Industry at Industry Ministry Panggah Susanto said Indonesia’s cocoa production could increase to 1.2 million tons per annum in 2020, from 410,000 tons per annum in 2013, or less then 10 percent of world cocoa production of 4.1 million tons.

According to Panggah Susanto, Indonesia’s cocoa industry could play greater role in the future, in particular in bringing in foreign exchange as well as absorbing workforce.

State news agency reported Antara reported that in 2013, cocoa exports contributed US$1.15 billion of foreign exchange.

He said the government currently has a number of affirmative policies to stimulate the growth of cocoa industry, both on farm as well as off-farm. This includes tax exemption on imported machines, imposition of export levy for cocoa bean, tax allowance and the implementation of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) for cocoa powder. (*)

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