Tuesday , 23 December 2014
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Supreme Energy receives US$50 mln from ADB for Rantau Dedap geothermal plant

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – The Asian Development Bank has provided US$50 million to PT Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap (SERD) to develop geothermal power plant (PLTP) Rantau Dedap.

Director General for the New and Renewable Energy of the Energy Ministry (EBTKE) Rida Mulyana said he expects the geothermal power plant will aid the government’s drive to meet growing demand for electricity on the back of growing economy as well as to diversify energy source.

President Director of SERD Triharyo Indrawan Soesilo said the loan is the first extended to private sector that will be used to finance exploration activities. The funds will be used by the company to build public infrastructure, drilling and perform well testing.

The company, he said, expects exploration to be completed in 2015 and then followed by construction of geothermal power plant. The Rantau Dedap geothermal plant will have a capacity of 240 MW, with total investment cost of around US$200 million.

The program is part of the government’s second phase power plant crash program. Under the second phase crash program, 4,000 MW will come from geothermal power plant.

PT Supreme Energy said in its websie that I has completed the pre-feasibility study of the Rantau Dedap geothermal prospect in March 2009 as assigned by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.The study successfully estimated the possible reserves based on the conceptual model.

The concession for the Rantau Dedap has been awarded to the Supreme Energy – GDF Suez Consortium in early December 2010, while the Mining Area License was granted to the project company PT Supreme Energy Rantau Dedap (SERD). SERD have secured the price approval and assignment from the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources through assignment letter No. 5834/26/MEM.L/2011 September 30, 2011. The exploration program has started since 2011.

On November 12, 2012 Rantau Dedap project has entered the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signing with Indonesian state-owned electricity utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).

SERD has begun drilling RD-B1 exploration well in the Geothermal Working Area Rantau Dedap on Feb. 3, 2014 and completed at the end of March. It was then followed by the drilling of the second well, RD-B2 that was competed in May 2014. The third drilling was on RD-C1 well that was completed in September 2014. The drilling of the wells are series of drilling explorations to prove the existence of geothermal resources, which are sufficient to build a geothermal poewr plant with the capacity of 220 MW. (*)

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