Tuesday , 9 June 2015
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PAL Indonesia delivers 2 tanker vessels to Pertamina

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – State owned shipbuilding company PT PAL Indonesia said it has delivered two tanker vessels to the state owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina. The tanker vessels were built at PAL’s shipyard facility in the town of Surabaya, East Java.

The two vessels are called MT Pagerungan and MT Pangkalan Brandan respectively.

PAL said in a media statement that the construction of the tanker vessel shows a commitment of the two state owned companies to establish synergy in line with the Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 5, Year 2005 on the development of maritime industry in Indonesia.

PAL said the synergy is a form of creating value added to domestic industry capability with the involvement and support of domestic human resources and supporting industries surrounding the shipyard.

The shipbuilding industry helps stimulate new industry clusters and create new job opportunities as well as help the country to stand on is own feet. “This synergy also helps support and realize the vision of the Indonesian President Joko Widodo in rebuilding Indonesia’s greatness in maritime sector,” PAL said.

A part from the two tanker vessels, PAL has also earlier delivered five vessels to Pertamina, comprising of two units of tanker vessel with capacity of 3,500 DWT (MT Minas and MT Melahin) delivered in 1985; one tanker vessel with capacity of 6,500 DWT (MT Kurau) delivered in 1992; a tanker vessel with capacity of 17,500 DWT(MT Palu Sipat) delivered in 2000; and MT Fastron with capacity of 30,000 LTDW, delivered in 2005.

Vice President Own Fleet of Pertamina Agus Pranoto told reporters Wednesday that Pertamina still needs 15 new tanker vessels that will be used to distribute fuels across the archipelago.

Pranoto was quoted by detik.com as saying that the two tanker vessels are among 15 new tanker vessels needed by Pertamina. The 13 tanker vessels that are needed by Pertamina are 2 unis of 3,500 LTDW tanker vessels, 2 unis of 6,500 LTDW tanker vessels, 5 units of 17,500 LTDW tanker vessels, 1 unit of tanker vessel with capacity of 120,000 LTDW, 1 unit of tanker vessel with capacity of 250,000 LTDW and 2 units of 250,000 LTDW gas tanker vessel.

He added the tanker vessels with capacity of below 50,000 LTDW will be built in domestic shipyards or shipbuilding companies, while tanker vessels with capacity of above 50,000 LTDW will be built by overseas shipbuilding companies.(*)

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