Monday , 8 December 2014
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Indonesia gas demand to grow by 6% in 2015-2020

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – The average demand for natural gas consumption in Indonesia is estimated to reach an average of 6 percent per year for period of 2015-2020, stimulated steady economic growth, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said.

Recently, the energy ministry launched roadmap for national natural gas policy for 2014-2030. The book sets out the national energy policy and industry map from now until 2050, which covers energy demand from industry, power plants, city gas and transportation as well as other issues.

The ministry said the gas demand for 2020-2025 period is estimated to reach 7 percent and slow down to 5 percent for period of 2025-2030.

The strong demand for gas is expected to be high in 2015-2025 period, in line with the government’s policy to optimize the consumption of gas in domestic market as it is more environmentally friend and cheaper than fossil fuel.

The energy ministry estimated that the gas reserves in Indonesia reaches 170 trillion standard cubic feet (TSCF), which can still last for 59 years. Gas production is estimated to reach 2.87 TSCF per day.

The togal gas supply in 2014 is estimated to reach 6,970 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD). This comes from existing production, amounting to 6,764 MMSCFD and new project 206 MMSCFD. In the following year (2015), gas supply is expected to reach 7,569 MMSCFD.

Demand for gas, however, is higher than supply. In 2014, gas demand is estimated to reach 9,494 MMSCFD, comprises of contracted gas supply from domestic market of 4,559 MMSCFD and contracted gas supply for export market at 3,409 MMSCFD, committed gas supply for domestic market at 1,346 MMSCFD and committed gas export 156 MMSCFD and potential demand of 34 MMSCFD.

In 2015, total demand for gas is estimated to reach 9,613 MMSCFD, committed domestic gas supply of 4,624 MMSCFD, committed gas export at 2,711 MMSCFD and domestic committed gas supply of 1,863 MMSCFD, committed gas export 195 MMSCFD and potential demand of 220 MMSCFD. (*)

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