Wednesday , 7 January 2015
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BP launches prequalification round for project management support of Tangguh LNG FEED

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – BP Berau Ltd, the operator of the Tangguh LNG project, is inviting potential bidders to participate in bid prequalification process for the Project Management Support of the Tangguh Expansion Project ront-end engineering design (FEED).

It said that the winning contractor will provide project management support to the company (BP Berau) for the execution of Onshore LNG FEED, which is part of the Tangguh Expansion Project.

The company said the scope of work includes, but not limited to, technical consultancy, project management services, quality management services, and other required resources and services. The project execution requires a minimum local content of 35 percent, in line with the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

The company has set registration period on Oct 20-22, 2014 and followed by prequalification submission on Oct 30, 2014. The estimate bid document issuance is expected to be held on Nov 13, 2014.

BP and its partners are currently developing the Train 3 expansion project.

In August this year, the company secured an approval from the government for the project’s environmental and social impact assessment (AMDAL) as well as environmental permit. The Tangguh expansion project is estimated to cost approximately US$12 billion.

Tangguh is operated by BP Berau Ltd, which holds 37.16 percent working interest. The other parties that own participating interest in the Tangguh project are MI Berau B.V. (16.30 percent), CNOOC Muturi Ltd (13.90 percent), Nippon Oil Exploration (Berau) Ltd (12.23 percent), KG Berau/KG Wiragar (10 percent), Indonesia Natural Gas Resources Muturi Inc. (7.35 percent) and Talisman Wiriagar Overseas Ltd (3.06 percent). (*)

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