BP Berau launches two EPCC tenders for Tangguh Expansion Project

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – BP Berau Ltd, the operator of Tangguh LNG project, launches two engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) tenders as part of the US$12 billion worth of the Tangguh Expansion Project.

The first EPCC is for the construction camp to support the main works for the Tangguh Expansion Project. The construction camp will be a standalone, self-self sufficient and self-supporting, with a capacity for 1,900 people and include associate services, BP said in a published tender announcement.

The second EPCC is for the early infrastructure works at the Tangguh LNG site. These will include tree cutting and related site clearance; the construction of new Bulk Offloading Facility (BOF) and approaching dredging; modification of existing facility dock, shore base modifications – new and temporary buildings and structures and new Haulage Roads.

The two tenders are categorized civil works classification.

BP requires bid participants to meet minimum local content of 75 percent for the EPCC projects, far higher than minimum requirement set by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) regulation.

BP sets registration period on Oct 31 to Nov 4, 2014.

BP Berau in its capacity as operator of the Tangguh LNG is currently undertaking a significant expansion of the existing Tangguh LNG facility, called the Tangguh Expansion Project. The project is located at the Tangguh LNG site in Bintuni Bay, West Papua.

The existing facility consists of a two train natural gas liquefaction facility, with associate onshore infrastructure, two offshore platforms, pipelines and wells. (*)

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