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Antam kicks off commissioning of some facilities of Pomalaa Ferronickel expansion project

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM), a state-owned gold and nickel producer, has started the commissioning of new facilities — jetty, belt conveyor and refining, which are part of the Ferronickel Pomalaa Plant Expansion (P3FP) project.

The commissioning of a number of new facilities of the P3FP project indicates that we are on track to complete this project,” Antam President Director Tato Miraza said.

He said that the whole project is scheduled to be completed at end 2015.

“With expected increase of nickel price in the coming years, we are confident that the project will give significant return and profitability to the company,” Miraza said.

Antam expects the unloading process of nickel ore to the plant will be faster and more efficient, he noted.

The jetty facility is one of the eight packages of the P3FP project. The new jetty facility has capacity of 12,000 DWT and unloading rate of 2×500 tons per hour, faster than previous process which utilizing backhoe equipment.

The 4-km belt conveyor replaces dump truck, which was previously used to transport nickel ore and coal from port to the plant. The utilization of belt conveyor is also safer for workers. The belt conveyor is the second package of the eighth package of P3FP project.

The completion of new smelting facility means that Antam has two units of smelter in the Pomalaa plant. The third package is refining facility.

Once the whole expansion project is completed, Antam expects to boost ferronickel production to 27,000-30,000 of TNi per annum from 18,000-20,000 of TNi previously. The new facilities will also lead to a decline of production cost, will make Antam as one of the lowest nickel producer. (*)

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